• Name of Token : SAM ORGANIZATION
  • Symbol of Token : SAM
  • Token Type : ERC-20
  • Token character : profit-sharing type token (payment)
  • Total volume : 5,000,000,000 SAM
  • Supply (distribution) quantity: 400,000,000 SAM (8% of issue) 
  • Airdrop: 100,000,000 SAM (25% of flow rate) 
  • Feature : No pre-sale (Direct listing) 
  • Profit-sharing TOKEN

It serves as a means to assess the company's vision and current value in the long term. To preserve the company's value, 92% of the issuance is owned by the company and preserves the value by providing some supply to users and simultaneously burning them whenever the business is expanded.

  • Usage

1. Trade

The existing trade settlement network was exposed to the USD exchange rate problem. The change in value is caused by the economic situation in the United States. Even if the fees are high, trade is still remitted to USD due to the stability of the value. Currency exchange and remittance fees are close to 10%, and even if they are reduced, it is not easy to fundamentally solve the problem of complicated remittance procedures. Even if all the problems have been solved, the time of remittance has a great deal of confidence in the execution of the business. SAM is also used as a solution to the complex structure of trade remittances.

2. Distribution

SAM is responsible for all the costs needed for agricultural consulting, agricultural materials, sterilizer, insecticide, water purification technology, energy production, facilities, ICT greenhouse etc., which produce premium agricultural products. It is responsible for financing projects conducted by SAM through alliances with countries and local exchanges, and also serves as easy and quick currency to convertibility.

  • Application

A financial application that allows contract participants to set up and manage a profit directly related to money. Examples of this include sub-money (= currency in which the exchange rate is linked to higher currencies such as dollars/euro), derivatives, hedge contact, electronic wallet for deposits, wills, and eventually all-round employment contract levels.

  • Convenient exchane

It reduces the price difference caused by the exchange of local fiat currency with developing countries. Reduce the fees generated by going through many banks.

  • Extensibility

The development of the farming system, which can be all done with smart phones, is a new system in Korea and even in advanced countries. The added value produced by implementing this in developing countries is amazing. Land development contracts with developing countries such as Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar will show sustainable value increase for SAM

  • Donation

The center of our corporate values is always in good faith. 5% of SAM TOKEN's total value is used for donations, as bailing out the poor and hungry was the idea since starting of company. Although it started with UNICEF's donation in the beginning, after a year, it started working harder to solve poverty in Africa and gradually increased donations through the establishment of a nonprofit foundation.

사업지원: samfdorg@gmail.com

고객문의: samorg.info@gmail.com


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